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Pass It Forward

CAFF is a global social impact foundation created by the Antetokounmpo Family.

By uniting individuals and communities to share opportunities, we fuel greatness around the globe.

A triumphant
family journey.


Now streaming on Disney+, RISE tells the incredible true story of the family that produced the first trio of brothers to become NBA champions.


Our family’s story

How we’re changing the game


Sport unlocks potential like no other force on earth. The Antetokounmpo Family is proof that where opportunity and determination meet—on the court or in the community—all things are possible. CAFF was created to mobilize that impact on a global scale.


Support to improve living conditions and open pathways for self-sufficiency.


Closing persistent opportunity gaps facing youth around the world.


Empowering players to expand possibilities for themselves and their communities.


Ensuring all children have access to high-quality schools and teachers.


Providing emotional and financial support to women and families affected by loss.

food & shelter

Meeting vitally important basic needs that make lives of achievement possible.

Stepping up at home and away


CAFF operates in Nigeria, Greece and the U.S.A., places central to the Antetokounmpo family journey. By investing in local nonprofits and change-makers on the ground in these countries, we fuel a global movement for sustainable social change.

Antetokounmpo's presenting awards at the academy graduation sponsored by CAFF.

Opportunity breaks down barriers. unlocks achievement. changes the game. makes the impossible possible. fuels potential.